Incredible achievements of conjoined twins in

Despite being conjoined, twins Shivanath and Shivram Sahu from India have demonstrated remarkable perseverance by attending school and achieving excellent results. These 16-year-old twins have two legs and four arms, and work together to move around, according to Barcroft India.

The twins amazed doctors by their ability to independently wash, dress, and feed themselves. They can navigate stairs, and even run on all six limbs to play with neighborhood children.

Shivanath, who appears weaker, shared: “We were taught to do everything ourselves. We cycled to school and played carefree cricket.” Their academic prowess, especially in math, has made them the top students in their school.

Their father, Raj Kumar, explained the challenges they face: “Many people feel excited when they see my children, but only I understand what problems they face. During the rainy season, traveling is very difficult. When one child wants to sit, the other has to lie down again, but they never fought. They had the same opinion, when one wanted to play, the other would agree.”

A local doctor confirmed that the twins are healthy but cannot be separated. They share the same abdomen but have separate lungs, hearts, and brains. The twins have expressed their desire to remain together, with Shivram stating, “We don’t want to be separated. We will live like this until we grow up. We want to live like now.”

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