Increasing sea power: Anschütz equips ANZAC-class frigates of the Royal Australian Navy with state-of-the-art naval radar technology

Anschütz supplies state-of-the-art naval navigation radars for the modernisation programme of the Australian ANZAC-class frigates. With the successful setting-to-work of the new naval radar systems of the first ship, Anschütz has reached another milestone. The radar systems combine powerful transceivers from Terma and Naval Radar NX applications from Anschütz on custom-made, ruggedised consoles. The naval radars extend the classic IMO navigational radar to another level with situational awareness, enabling customers to operate any radar-related task from navigation to mission. In addition to supplying the radar systems, Anschütz’s scope of services also includes customised development, system integration, documentation and training.

“The training was well received. Trainees also commented they thought the Anschütz console was easier to navigate with a more logical setup over other consoles they had experienced”, said Dave Hardy of BAE Systems Australia, who is the contractor for radar systems in the ANZAC-class modernisation programme.

“We are pleased to have established a trusted and successful relationship with our Australian partners and the Royal Australian Navy with the successful setting-to-work. Our customers are impressed by the benefits our naval radars offer in terms of performance and tactical functions”, said Michael DePlonty, who is Lead System Engineer for the ANZAC naval radar programme at Anschütz.

From an intuitive user interface, the Naval Radar NX application provides operators with a clear and precise radar picture, created using patented clutter suppression and filtering technology. Furthermore, it offers advanced target tracking and management of navigational and tactical targets. Beyond collision avoidance, the Naval Radar NX presents tactical features like alarm zones monitoring, formation manager, helicopter guidance, or video merge. The application is flexible and can be adapted to customer-specific use cases. Anschütz is supplying the systems to a total of eight ANZAC-class frigates and additional land-based test facilities. As a local partner, the Australian company JEDS will conduct maintenance trainings for and do maintenance on the ANZAC naval radar systems.

Anschütz is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of navigation, bridge and mission systems for commercial shipping, offshore and research vessels, workboats, mega yachts, coast guard and naval vessels, and submarines. At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe was inspired to find a new compass for ships. Supported by Albert Einstein, he researched and invented the gyro compass, after the invention he started his business Anschütz & Co in 1905. Other inventions, such as the iron helmsman, the first chart plotter and the track control system followed and revolutionized ship navigation. Anschütz stands for experience and expertise in navigation like no other company, with passion and innovation being just as much part of our roots as the goal of making navigation at sea reliable and safe.

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