In a cold, lonely corner, the dog lay sick and sad, his paws bleeding and in unbearable pain from the maggot attack.mina

Although the cases of animal abuse and abandonment that reach our ears daily shock us, on the other side of these unfortunate stories true angels emerge, who erase with selflessness and love all the cruelty perpetrated by other miserable people. Wilson Martins Coutinho is a renowned rescuer from Brazil who is rightly called “The Angel of the Animals”

Their mission to rescue abused, injured, sick or abandoned dogs has no limits. Those that come into his hands are shocking and totally sad cases, but those innocent little souls find in Wilson his only salvation.

Just as it happened with a Rottweiler that was savagely beaten and mistreated to the point of not having the strength to even get up from the ground.

Ayron was just waiting for his last breath without imagining that a real-life superhero would arrive at the right time to bring him back to life.

The poor dog had done nothing to deserve such treatment. The scene he found was truly devastating, he was abandoned to his fate in an uninhabited house in an area of ​​Rio de Janeiro.

In a cold, lonely corner, he lay sick, sad, and defeated, with bleeding paws and unbearable pain.

Wilson approached to give her all his love and tell her with a caress on her head that everything would be okay.

After evaluating what he discovered in his paws, he knew that it was not a simple case at all, there was no time to waste and together with his entire team he got to work.

When she tried to take him in her arms she saw that it would be much more difficult than she thought.

He was cold, so he took off his shirt and carefully wrapped him with a blanket to put him in his car and take him to his rescue center. The pain he felt must have been very strong, so for a moment he tied his snout to avoid that bit

The situation Ayron found himself in was absolutely critical due to his serious injuries.

Wilson feared he had arrived too late, as the condition of his legs threatened to require amputation.

But he would fight to the end for the dog.

It was infested with fleas and worms.

Wilson began to give him the first care, especially to alleviate his pain. It seemed that he also had a condition in his eyes, so to help him regain strength, he did not hesitate to feed him in his mouth.

“Ayron has impressive mental strength,” Wilson said.

Gestures of love that only angels have

He immediately took him to the vet, who administered a long course of antibiotics and explained to Wilson how he should proceed to heal his wounds.

Although it would be a long road to travel, he gave him wonderful news: his legs would not need to be amputated.

They were long days of baths, healing but above all a lot of love

Until days later he was a strong dog, with a shiny and happy coat, who couldn’t stop kissing his rescuer, aware that he brought him back from certain death.

“I love seeing my children recovered and happy. Ayron is an angel,” Wilson commented as she tearfully hugged his dog and saw what her hands and his love had achieved.

Ayron smiled again and lived as he always deserved

Here you can see the details of this rescue that can be summed up in a single word: LOVEIf this incredible story of love and miraculous recovery touched your soul, be sure to share it on your networks and encourage others to risk everything for a little animal in trouble.

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