Images of an Orangutan Reaching Out to Save Man from a Snake-Filled River are

Some powerful photos showing an orangutan lending a helping hand to a forest warden standing in a river have recently gone viral on social media. Amateur photographer Anil Prabhakar captured the dramatic moment while on a safari in a conservation forest area in Borneo.

The forest warden was reportedly clearing the waters of snakes, which are known to be a major threat to the great apes. However, the wild animal thought the man had fallen into the snake-filled waters, so she decided to help him in a deep gesture of kindness.

“Someone told him there was a snake in the river,” Prabhakar said. “The warden went there and cleared the bushes. An orangutan came to the banks and was watching what he was doing. He then came closer and gave his hand.” The forest warden works for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving this endangered species.

The photographer, who is from Indonesia, mentioned that the warden eventually refused the great ape’s hand. According to him, the man said it would not have been wise to touch an unfamiliar wild animal, despite his job being to protect those animals. “The warden just moved away,” the photographer said. “I asked him why later, and he said: ‘It’s a wild animal, not one we are familiar with’. But they are there to protect them.”

In the last four decades, Bornean orangutans have lost over half of their natural habitats, mainly due to logging operations. Fortunately, non-profit organizations like the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation are desperately trying to protect these habitats and save this critically endangered species.

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