Idiots call her Bat: No one thinks this young girl is

This story tells of a unique and heart-wrenching case of a child named Deell, born with thick, stretchy muscles on both sides of her neck, a condition that has led to her being called “the bat” by those in her community. Despite her physical challenges, Deell’s story is one of resilience, family support, and the struggle for acceptance and medical assistance.

Family and Community Challenges:

Deell is one of eight children, and the only one with a disability. Her family, living in Nongo District, South Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is baffled by her condition, especially since her mother, Cecil, had a seemingly normal pregnancy and all her other children were born without any disabilities.

At home, Deell’s family treats her like any other child. She helps with household chores and plays with her siblings. However, in the community and at school, she faces discrimination and curiosity that make her uncomfortable and affect her self-esteem.

Health and Education:

Deell’s condition brings not only social challenges but also physical pain. She experiences extreme discomfort and frequent headaches, and sometimes even faints. Despite this, she attends a regular public school where she performs exceptionally well, often ranking among the top five students in her class. Her teachers and school authorities have worked to create an inclusive environment, teaching other students to treat her with kindness and respect.

Medical Needs and Financial Struggles:

The family’s primary concern is Deell’s health and the need for treatment. Despite visits to various doctors and promises of surgery, financial constraints have prevented them from securing the necessary medical care. Her parents, especially her father, are deeply worried about her future, fearing that her disability might hinder her chances of finding a partner and living a fulfilling life.

Appeal for Help:

The story ends with a heartfelt plea from Deell’s father and a call to action for anyone who can help. The family is seeking donations to cover the cost of her medical treatment, hoping to give Deell a chance at a normal, pain-free life.

Deell’s story is a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, especially in communities with limited resources. It highlights the importance of empathy, support, and the collective effort to provide equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their physical conditions.

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