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Twelve-year-old Tarik from Uttar Pradesh, India, faces a challenging life due to his condition, which has left him with unusually large hands measuring 12 inches in length. His family is deeply concerned as Tarik cannot dress or feed himself, and has been shunned by villagers who believe his condition is the result of a curse.

Tarik works at a tea stall and lives with his brother. His aunt Pushpa recalled that his hands were always large and grew bigger as he aged. After his father passed away, Tarik’s access to medical care diminished due to financial constraints. His older brother Hargyan now takes care of him, assisting with daily tasks that are difficult for Tarik to manage on his own.

The exact nature of Tarik’s condition remains undiagnosed, but it has led to significant social stigma. He has been labeled “the devil” by villagers and denied admission to schools, as administrators fear his appearance will frighten other children. Tarik himself expressed a desire to study and make friends, but his large hands have led to isolation and bullying.

Tarik’s family has consulted numerous local doctors without success. Pushpa holds onto the belief that his condition is a divine test and that he will eventually have normal hands. Financial limitations have prevented the family from seeking advanced medical treatment, which Tarik hopes might one day allow him to live a normal life.

A recent visit to Dr. Pawan Kumar Gandhi shed some light on Tarik’s condition. Dr. Gandhi mentioned that while Tarik’s condition is mysterious and unlike anything he has encountered before, it bears similarities to Elephant Foot disease. Dr. Gandhi remains hopeful, citing ongoing scientific research that might one day provide a solution.

Despite the low chances, Tarik remains optimistic, dreaming of a future where he can attend school and play like other children. He aspires to receive proper treatment and live a normal life, free from the limitations imposed by his condition.

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