I feel terrible for the three-month-old boy whose eyes are yellow and black. The infant is afflicted with numerous grave illnesses.pink

The Heartbreaking Journey of Gia Huy: A Family’s Struggle and Unwavering Hope

The Devastating Diagnosis

“When I heard the doctor say that my child’s congenital diseases could not be cured, I could only hug my child and cry,” shared Mr. Tran Van Giay. “Every day, I went to the doctor, hoping to find some hope of saving my child’s life, but to no avail. My child’s illness became more and more severe, and my wife and I helplessly looked at our child and cried.”

Mounting Medical Costs

Gia Huy, their three-month-old son, has been in the hospital for more than two months, yet his condition remains unchanged. The medical bills, sometimes reaching nearly 5 million VND per day, quickly depleted the family’s savings and borrowed funds. Facing this financial burden, Ms. Vo Thi Bich Ngoc decided to bring Gia Huy home to care for him, relying on painkillers to manage his suffering.

Struggling with Severe Illness

Ms. Ngoc describes her son’s frail state: “The baby currently weighs only 3kg. Due to carrying many diseases in his body, he often cries and cannot sleep. When drinking milk, his body cannot absorb it, and he bleeds a lot when going to the toilet. This causes him to become increasingly emaciated and lose weight.” Despite these challenges, Ms. Ngoc and Mr. Giay continue to care for him, providing pain relief to help him cope.

Community Support and Daily Vigilance

The community, moved by the family’s plight, has come together to support them. Many neighbors have donated money to buy milk and diapers for Gia Huy. “Every night, we take turns staying up to watch the baby sleep,” Ms. Ngoc said. “Whenever the baby sleeps for 1 or 2 hours, we wake him up because we are afraid he will fall asleep forever.”

A Family’s Heartache

One particularly harrowing night, Gia Huy slept for up to 3 hours. Fearing he wouldn’t wake up, the couple shook him and cried, believing they had lost him. Hearing their cries, neighbors rushed over. To everyone’s relief, Gia Huy eventually opened his eyes. “From the day the baby came home until now, our hearts have been broken countless times,” Ms. Ngoc tearfully recounted.

Clinging to Hope

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, Ms. Ngoc and Mr. Giay hold onto hope. “Right now, I only know how to take care of my child day in and day out. Every time I hear that the disease can be cured, we take our child and try, but it doesn’t work,” Ms. Ngoc said. “I hope there is a miracle to save my child’s life and stop torturing him so much.”


The story of Gia Huy and his parents, Ms. Ngoc and Mr. Giay, is a poignant reminder of the trials that families with critically ill children endure. Their unwavering love and dedication to their son, despite immense challenges, reflect the profound strength of the human spirit. As they continue to seek a miracle for Gia Huy, their story calls for our empathy and support, hoping that one day, their prayers for their son’s recovery will be answered.

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