Girl with pimples on her face: Unjust criticism of Ale’s

Hoang Dung, born in 2015, is the only child of Mr. Ton Thang Dung and Mrs. Hoang Thi Thuy Linh, who reside in Diem Tan TDP, Duc Ninh Dong Ward, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh. Despite knowing about her deformity, seeing little Hoang Dung for the first time in mid-September was still a profound shock. Her face is severely deformed with no bridge of the nose, a distorted forehead, and wide, protruding eyes set far apart, unlike other children.

Despite her physical challenges, Hoang Dung is surprisingly agile and clever. Though she cannot attend school, her mother teaches her at home, and she loves to dance, sing, and aspires to go to school. Her innocent questions, like “when will I go to school” and “Mom, why don’t the other kids play with me,” often bring tears to her mother and relatives.

Neighbors recount how clever she is and how she loves to play with other children. Unfortunately, the children in the village are scared of her appearance and often run away, calling her a “devil face,” which deeply saddens the adults.

The financial burden of treatment is overwhelming for the family. Despite their efforts to save and borrow money to take Dung to hospitals in Vietnam, only surgery on her protruding forehead has been accomplished. Her eyes are at significant risk, with doctors warning of corneal perforation that could lead to permanent blindness if untreated. Her eyes cannot close or open normally, which could cause further damage due to dryness. Domestic hospitals lack the capacity to perform the necessary surgeries due to the high risk of complications.

Through research and support from a foreign organization, Dung’s parents hope to take her to Singapore for corneal surgery, which could save her eyesight. However, the cost is around 2 billion VND, far beyond their means, as their main income comes from Mr. Dung’s aluminum and glass business.

Despite the challenges, Mr. Dung and Mrs. Linh remain hopeful and continue to strive for a miracle for their daughter. They believe that the kindness and support of the community could make a difference in Hoang Dung’s life. With the community’s help, she could undergo the necessary surgeries to reconstruct her face, enabling her to attend school and lead a life free from the stigma of her deformity.

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