Getting Around in the Dark: An Enthralling Video Diary of Our Unusual Battles with Our Son

Yes, we do not have control over a lot of things that happen to us, because if we did nothing, bad would ever happen to the ones we love.

He is called the ogene.

She is called Veridiana.

The two have a son together called Joseph, and Veridiana says that her son was born in 2013, which means that right now he is about 8 years old.

Everything was ok when they had given birth to their son until the last three years.

That changed his life totally.

His mother says that Joseph faced an accident where almost all of his lower body part was completely burnt, but at that moment Veridiana did not have enough money to take her son to the hospital in order for him to get medical treatment.

She decided to treat him from home by the use of local hubs from the bushes around her, which was told that would help her son cure the burns on his body perfectly, which this lady trusted and did it all to save her son’s life.

Veridiana treated her son for quite some time and everything was going on well, since the sun was getting a lot better.

Hassan, Joseph was completely fine, according to his mother, and she says that Joseph was a hundred percent fine by then.

They thought the situation was all good and back to normal.

But that was not true at all, because after some time Hassan started developing a very huge scar on his belly and it kept on growing.

Accordingly, a small pimple developed on the top of his car, and they all ignored it at first.

Yet it was the one that grew and messed up the entire belly with holes and scars, and his mother noticed that this was not a situation to handle from home anymore, and she decided to take her son to the hospital first thing in the morning.

Vediana did not have enough money to afford such hospital bills, but since they were farmers, she sold some of the goods that they had in order to get some money to pay her son’s medical bills in the hospital.

The doctors kept on transferring him to better hospitals, which also required a lot of money.

So she decided to take her son to cheaper hospitals and back home she kept taking her son to the nearby hospitals, at least to get some painkillers for him, because Joseph was going through a lot of pain.

It was not so long after they had decided to start going to hospitals.

Then all the money they had that they had got from selling the goat was all finished before they even got him treated, and they had to sell another goat just in order to get money for Joseph’s Foreign.

Joseph’s belly had now started rotting and the situation was not good at all.

He was developing an opening in the middle of his car where a lot of blood and pass kept coming out from, which was also another problem.

That was not an easy one at all.

They kept transferring Joseph to many different hospitals and none of them was ready to receive the young boy, since they all claimed that they were not able to treat her son.

It is like the doctors looked like they did not want to treat her son because they thought that his chances of survival were a lot less, so they did not want to spend time on him, since they thought he was going to die soon, and that is what it looked like to her.

She said that she had run out of money and she therefore started digging for people just for us to get some money to get food for her family in order for them to survive, and at this point life was becoming more complicated.

Veridiana says that all she wants right now is her son’s health, and even if she was told that her son was going to be treated and taken by someone else.

She would happily accept that offer because, according to her, she would be extremely happy knowing that Hassan is alive once again.

She always buys jelly to keep her playing on her son’s car because it is very hot and itching, and she does this to always reduce the pain that her son is going through.

Joseph Orris gets sleepless nights due to the pain that he is going through and every time he cries in the middle of the night, everyone always wakes up while the little boy is crying.

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