From Death’s Door: Baby Orangutan Saved from Mummified State in Cardboard Box and Nursed Back to Health in Miraculous

The rescue of the baby orangutan, Gito, is truly heart-wrenching yet heartwarming. Discovered in what seemed like a mummified state in a cardboard coffin, he was fortunate to be found by the compassionate team from International Animal Rescue. Initially believed to be dead, his tiny arms folded across his body added to the distressing scene.

It’s deeply troubling to learn that Gito was being kept as a pet, likely after his mother was killed. His living conditions were appalling, confined to a cardboard box, surviving on condensed milk, leading to severe dehydration and malnourishment.

The rescue team’s quick action and dedication are commendable. Despite the challenging conditions, they transported Gito to the rehabilitation center, where he received immediate medical attention. The journey, spanning nine hours by motorbike, underscores their commitment to saving him.

Gito’s road to recovery was not easy. He required intensive care, including hydration therapy, medical examinations, and treatment for a contagious skin disease. The team’s efforts, from massaging coconut oil into his skin to alleviate itching to monitoring his health closely, demonstrate their unwavering dedication to his well-being.

Alan Knight’s remarks reflect the shock and dismay at Gito’s initial condition. However, thanks to the team’s intervention, Gito’s resilience shines through. Despite his ordeal, he has shown remarkable progress, symbolizing hope and the importance of compassion and care for endangered species like orangutans.

Today, Gito is in safe hands, receiving expert treatment and care at the rehabilitation center in Ketapang. His story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by wildlife due to human activities but also the potential for redemption through dedicated conservation efforts.

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