Fish with a long snout is extremely “unique” and has urban value as an

According to information from Mr. Ken Tran, owner of an ornamental fish shop in Dong Nai, he is receiving orders from customers for long-snouted crocodiles measuring about 40-60cm, at a price of about 25 million VND each. This is information about the products and prices that he offers to customers interested in these types of fish.


According to Mr. Ken Tran, this is a very rare ornamental fish. In Thailand, which is one of the intermediate commercial importing countries in India, the number of these long-snouted crocodiles is only around less than 20 animals. This shows that this fish is a precious species and difficult to find on the market.


Mr. Ken Tran shared more details about this unique fish, stating that it originates from India. He mentioned that in the world, some very large specimens of this fish have been discovered with a length of up to 7 meters and a weight of up to less than 3 quintals (300 kilograms). However, he clarified that currently, these exceptionally large specimens are no longer available, and the fish being discussed now are typically smaller, around 60cm in size. This information underscores the rarity and historical significance of this species, highlighting its remarkable size potential in the wild.

Mr. Hoang Minh, owner of a fish store in Ho Chi Minh City, said the long-snouted crocodile is a rare species. The main food of this species is small and medium fish. Despite its dangerous appearance, long-snouted crocodiles are very gentle and do not eat large animals, especially not dangerous to humans. This shows the peaceful and peaceful nature of this fish in its natural habitat.


Mr. Hoang Minh shared that long-snouted crocodiles not only cost a lot but also do not have many products. If customers want to raise this poisonous fish, they must order it several months to a year in advance. It may take a long time for the store to import it and provide it to everyone. This is due to the toxicity and difficulty of finding the long-snouted crocodile, along with the special interest from aquarium hobbyists about this fish.


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