Extremely poisonous white humpback whale died on an Australian beach.pink

The surprisingly colorful corpse was discovered by local resident Peter Coles on July 16 while he was kayaking through a channel beach near Mallacoota, Victoria. The dead fish was verified with a 10 meter contraction period and was confirmed to belong to an adult. “It’s pure white” and has a marble-like appearance, Coles told Sky News. I thought it looked like a sculpture and definitely not a real corpse.”

Even though the whale was white, experts do not believe the dead slow whale was an albino. Officials from Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) visited the remote beach to assess the carcass and discovered that the whale was not completely white. “From what they could see on the whale itself, there was evidence of dark patches of skin on the whale,” Peter Brick, DELWP’s regional agency commander in the area, told ABC News. (Diphtheria is an inherited condition in which animal feces produce any of the pigments melanin, which gives color to the skin, fur, and eyes).

Cá voi lưng gù trắng cực hiếm chết dạt vào bãi biển Australia - Ảnh 1.

Instead, this whale may have had leukemia, a migratory condition similar to leukocytes that affects the cells’ ability to produce melanin and can cause patchy discoloration. Wildlife officials sent a model of the whale to Museum Victoria for DNA analysis, which will help confirm the condition, according to ABC News.

Another explanation still holds that this whale’s strange coloration may have formed due to the whale’s outer skin having softened when the body had decomposed. Vanessa Pirotta, a wildlife scientist at Macquarie University in Australia, told ABC News that this can happen due to sun exposure and turbulence when dead whales float on the surface, which can expose the layer lighter skin underneath. However, “it looks like it could very well be a beluga whale,” she added.

Cá voi lưng gù trắng cực hiếm chết dạt vào bãi biển Australia - Ảnh 2.

When the dead whale was discovered, many feared that the animal was Migaloo, a male albino belted whale that became famous in Australia after being first sighted in Queensland in 1991. However, no one subsequently saw Migaloo for a period of two years, which means it may have died. However, the carcass’s size, gender and lack of albinism ruled out Migaloo, giving some hope that it may still be alive.

In April, another juvenile white-backed constrictor was spotted with the dolphin in New South Wales, and images showed the fish was also white rather than albino. However, there is no evidence that this whale resembles the whale that died on the beach.

Cá voi lưng gù trắng cực hiếm chết dạt vào bãi biển Australia - Ảnh 3.

The exact reason why the whale died is still unknown, but it most likely died a few days before washing ashore. The most likely cause of death is collisions, Wally Franklin, a marine ecologist at Southern Cross University in Australia, told ABC News. “We couldn’t see the upper parts of its body, and if it had been stabbed, there would have been seo and wounds on the upper part of the body,” Franklin said.

However, the whale could have died from disease or parasites, Franklin added.

DELWP chose the carcass on the beach to decompose naturally, as its location away from residential areas would prevent foul odors or the presence of scavengers from bothering local residents.

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