Everyone was shocked to learn that a 19-year-old mother gave birth to the biggest baby girl in history—15 pounds.pink

The remarkable birth of Nandini and Arun’s daughter in southern Haiti has certainly captured attention due to her extraordinary size. Weighing 15 pounds (6.8 kg) at birth, this newborn is double the weight of an average baby, making her potentially the heaviest baby girl ever born in history.

Venkatesh Raju, a medical professional with 25 years of experience, expressed his astonishment, saying, “In 25 years of practice, I’ve never seen a baby so huge. She is a marvel.” This sentiment was echoed by the gynecologist who delivered the baby, Dr. Poornima Manu, who stated that the baby’s arrival was a surprise to everyone, including the medical team and the mother.

Nandini, who weighs 94 kg and stands 5.99 feet tall, had a straightforward pregnancy and was unaware she would give birth to such a large child. Despite her size, doctors confirmed that she did not have diabetes, a common condition that can lead to larger babies. Both mother and baby are currently in good health, with the newborn being monitored in the neonatal intensive care unit to ensure her well-being before discharge.

Dr. Manu noted that the cesarean section took approximately 30 minutes and was completed without any hazards. The baby girl is thriving, eating well, and showing no signs of health issues such as abnormal thyroid or sugar levels, which were initially a concern.

Both Nandini and her baby are doing well and are expected to be released from the hospital once the medical team is confident in the baby’s health. Venkatesh Raju visited the newborn and commented on her well-being, calling her a “lovely creation of God.”

Nandini and Arun, who have been married for two years, are overjoyed with the arrival of their first child. They eagerly await the day they can bring their healthy and extraordinary daughter home.

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