Due to missing skull for years, the child is unfairly and medically advised to terminate the pregnancy.pink

Owen Masterson’s story is a remarkable testament to resilience and hope in the face of overwhelming odds. Born on September 17, 2017, in Missouri, USA, Owen was diagnosed with acalvaria, a rare congenital condition characterized by the absence of cranial bones and facial structures. This condition was identified during a 24-week ultrasound, where it became evident that Owen’s brain development was highly abnormal, leading to grim prognoses from medical professionals.

Despite the doctors’ recommendations to terminate the pregnancy due to the predicted non-viability of the fetus, Owen’s parents, Tom and Jessica, chose to proceed with the pregnancy. Their decision was driven by a profound hope and belief in their child’s potential to survive. This hope was realized when Owen was born and defied initial expectations by surviving the critical early stages of life.

Owen’s journey has not been without significant challenges. Shortly after birth, he was able to go home, which was an unexpected turn of events given his condition. Throughout his first year, Owen experienced ear and stomach infections but remained relatively stable. However, he faced difficulties in physical mobility and required supportive devices to assist in his movements.

Now, at four years old, Owen continues to astonish the medical community with his resilience. Although he faces health challenges and has limited independent movement, his survival and development have defied the bleak outlook provided by doctors at the time of his diagnosis. His parents, Tom and Jessica, remain steadfastly optimistic, celebrating every milestone and cherishing their time with their son.

Owen’s story is shared periodically by his parents on social media, portraying him as a “warrior” who continues to fight against the odds. The family’s unwavering belief in Owen’s strength and their commitment to his care highlight the profound impact of parental love and determination. While the future remains uncertain, Owen’s journey thus far is a powerful reminder of the extraordinary possibilities that can emerge even in the most challenging circumstances.

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