Due to a strange multiple-head syndrome, a baby cow was born today, December 30, in a small village in Morocco with two heads.pink

This is one of the cases in which animals can be affected by two- or three-headed syndrome, also known as polycephaly, discovered in recent years.

After being born, the calf was named Sanna Saida, which in Arabic means Happy New Year, to mark the special moment of its birth. The village of Sefrou also attracted a lot of attention, with people flocking here to see the strange calf.

Before the calf was born, everyone hoped that the mother cow would give birth to two calves at the same time. However, according to a veterinarian, they did not separate during development but stuck together as one.


	Sanna Saida calves can be eaten with both mouths

Sanna Saida calves can be eaten with both mouths

Last October, a two-headed calf was also born in Vermont but died two days later. The Sanna Saida calf has two unusual heads but can still eat with both mouths and surpasses the calf’s lifespan in Vermont (USA). However, veterinarians still do not know how long Sanna calf can live.



It is known that cases of animals being born with many organs have also been discovered in recent years. A farmer in New Zealand said the calf with eight legs, four ears, two bodies and one head was born on his farm last year. Researchers have discovered cases of two-headed bull shark fetuses, two-headed turtles…

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