Discovered two dogs in a terrible state of abandonment brought to the shelter in the middle of the night

The Animal Friends of the Valley  shelter  has a very particular dynamic for people who want to  give up their pets without having to face volunteers . It is a place where  they can go at night and leave the dogs .

It is a truly sad measure but thanks to this the lives of many animals that would otherwise  end up on the streets have been saved.The puppies live in the city of Wildomar, California.

It was in this way that  two beautiful little dogs arrived  there. Volunteers from another foundation called  Last Chance at Life drove immediately  to give them much-needed help.

Artie and Asia were in very bad condition . Both suffered from  a severe case of scabies  and in the case of the dog this only made  her skin worse.The two dogs suffered from a very aggressive type of mange called  demodecidal mange.

He had an infection and his fur looked a strange color. This caused her volunteers to begin  referring to her as the Pink Dalmatian . The beautiful little dogs  were very confused but they treated  everyone who approached them with a lot of love.“They had a hard time adjusting to life in the shelter. “They urgently needed a home.”

After a couple of weeks  receiving special baths , the cute pair of boxer brothers  began to improve . Now it was just a matter of getting them a new home. Artie was very lucky and met some wonderful people  willing to adopt him. He is now a little dog full of energy and plays all day with his family.Artie is 2 years old and Asia is 10 months old.

Asia managed to recover and became completely white and healthy, but  her path was a little more difficult,  she got a new home. Everything seemed to be going great but  her owner  could no longer take care of her. The distraught dog  once again had to face being left at the shelter . After everything he had been through it was truly painful.The person who adopted Asia had to return her because she began to suffer health problems.

The volunteers welcomed  the beautiful boxer with open arms  and gave her all the pampering in the world so she wouldn’t feel sad. After a couple of weeks, a family arrived and  everyone fell completely in love with her .

Now their difficult past is behind them and they  are enjoying a life where they will never again have to go hungry  or suffer from painful illnesses.Asia She was renamed Pearl.

We celebrate that these beautiful puppies managed to get the home they so deserve. We will never know the strange circumstances under which their first owners decided to give them up, but  now we are sure that they are healthy and happy.

Feel free to share this note to help raise awareness. Leaving a dog in a shelter instead of on the streets can be vital to saving his life.

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