Discover the touching story of an adoptive mother who gives hope to a girl by sticking her nose in it. This motivational story will lift your

Kristen Williams’ story of adopting Durga, despite the challenges she faced due to her missing nose, is truly heartwarming and inspiring. It’s unfortunate that Durga was initially refused by many couples seeking to adopt due to her appearance. However, Kristen’s unconditional love and willingness to provide a loving home for Durga and her older sister, Muppi, highlight the transformative power of parental love and compassion.

Kristen’s journey into adoption began with Muppi from India in 2012. Despite the hurdles of paperwork and court processes, Kristen persevered because she felt a deep connection with Muppi. Their bond grew stronger, and eventually, Kristen became Muppi’s adopted mother in February 2013, a significant moment that she cherishes as her “forever Valentine.”

Kristen’s desire to expand her family and provide a loving home led her to adopt again. When she learned about Durga, a young girl abandoned at birth with a missing nose, Kristen immediately felt a connection. Durga’s resilience and survival despite her early hardships deeply touched Kristen.

The emotional moment when Kristen and Muppi first saw Durga’s photo and immediately knew she belonged with them is a testament to the power of love and family. Kristen’s decision to adopt Durga without hesitation, despite her physical differences, reflects her profound commitment to embracing and celebrating each child’s uniqueness.

Kristen’s story underscores the importance of looking beyond appearances and embracing children who need love and care. Her dedication to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for both Muppi and Durga is truly commendable. By sharing her experience, Kristen inspires others to consider adoption and open their hearts to children in need, regardless of their background or physical condition.

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