Difficult journey: Mother dog gives birth and takes care of 11 puppies alone in the wild forest

The maternal instinct is the sublime force that makes a mother’s love capable of anything for the well-being of her child. In little animals it is not different at all, and one dog moved everyone by her admirable behavior when her eleven puppies were in danger of death.

Life on the street for any animal is very complicated, not only for the purposes of getting food but also for a safe place to hide. In recent days, a beautiful furry girl experienced difficult times with her eleven lovely newborn babies in a forest in North Carolina, United States.

If it was already difficult to get daily food with so many dogs to feed, the situation was getting worse, but she fought with all her might to live up to such a tough responsibility. If there was one thing she was sure of, it was that she would take care of them above anything else.

The days passed and the task was extremely complicated, there was no more left. She had no strength or energy and she was left lying on the floor, without neglecting for a moment her role as her mother, attending to each of the little ones who looked at her with their eyes full of tenderness.

Fortunately, a person passed by and realized what was happening. He immediately contacted the staff at the Angela’s Ark animal shelter in Charlotte, who upon learning of the case quickly went to the site to help the needy dog ​​family.

“We got a message from someone saying ‘I found a mother dog lying in an area of ​​trees.’ When we went, the mother was hiding there, lying looking at us with her puppies around her,” a shelter spokesperson told the media.

Those in charge of going to the site were aware that they had to be very careful because in these cases canine mothers are usually very protective of their puppies, and they must be prevented from feeling threatened by feeling that their offspring are in danger.

However, they were surprised by the behavior of the animals; there is no doubt that the mother saw the people from the shelter arrive and immediately felt great relief. And although she was cautious she was very docile and calm at all times.

“My first thought is that if she has been surviving on her own, of course she will be defensive and protective of her babies. But she looked exhausted and defeated. The puppies were very cute and surprisingly they all seemed healthy, they were around 2 weeks old,” said a person from the shelter.

They carried out the required procedure and the mother along with the touching children were taken to a safe place in the shelter where they were fed. They quickly received specialized attention from a veterinarian who carefully listened to them. They felt protected and safe for the first time. “The first night when we took them home the mother was definitely very cautious with us. We called her Sky and the puppies were our constellation, which is why we called them Orion, Andromeda and Aurora in groups,” added the shelter representative.

They shone with happiness like their beautiful names inspired by the sky and their groups of constellations Orion, Andromeda and Aurora. The eleven puppies got a new home where they live their life of mischief with families who love them. The mother, named Sky, also had good luck and her existence changed for the better.

Now these families enjoy the immense love that only dogs know how to give, and they live with dignity as they deserve. Share this beautiful story with all your friends.

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