Despite despair: A mother’s steadfast love for her son born prematurely in the 5th month of pregnancy, now thriving at the age of 4

What feelings does a mother experience when her child is born in the 5th month of pregnancy and the doctors give him almost no chance at all? How does he resist their predictions, from which it is clear that the beloved son will not survive? Let the story of courageous mother Nicole be a great inspiration for parents with a similar fate…


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Nicole Dib is the mother of six-year-old daughter Aaliyah and four-year-old son Jibreel . He lives a happy life with his family, but it wasn’t always like that. Born four months early, weighing 800 grams, Jibreel faced an uphill battle for survival.


Both she and her husband were faced with a decision after their son’s birth that no parent wants to experience. A total of five times, the treating doctors in the neonatal intensive care unit recommended disconnecting the boy from the devices, as his condition continued to deteriorate. No one believed in saving him.

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Nicole and her husband refused to listen to the doctor for five long months in the hospital. “I remember sitting in the intensive care unit with the 838-gram baby and hearing all the beeping and the machines keeping him alive. I was looking left, right, looking for some hope for the slightest sign of improvement,” recalls Nicole of the difficult moment.

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Jibby, as his mother calls him, miraculously fought his fate and today, despite the cerebral palsy he suffered, he is a cheerful four-year-old boy who is not afraid of anything. His mom shares the boy’s incredible progress and wants to inspire and encourage parents whose children are struggling with similar issues.


“I remember running away from psychologists because I wasn’t ready to talk to them about Jibby. I’m still recovering from everything. Ever since Jibby started walking and talking and I can see him getting stronger, I’m starting to enjoy life again ,” confided Nicole, who has a reason to laugh again after a painful life experience.

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