Crossing Boundaries: The amazing story of a man born without arms and defying all

Hermes Rugonda, a 40-year-old man from Misurunzega village, known as Tabola in Tanzania, was born without arms. Despite this, Hermes has never felt hindered by his lack of arms and performs daily tasks—such as cultivating, cooking, washing, and even more—better than many people with arms.

Hermes shared his story with Afrimax TV after they traveled 802 kilometers from Dar es Salaam to his village. He described his self-sufficient lifestyle, explaining how he uses his legs to accomplish tasks that typically require hands. This includes writing, which he learned to do with his feet, though it was challenging and ultimately limited his academic progress due to the slower pace compared to his peers.

Living in a poor village without specialized schools for impaired individuals, Hermes faced significant educational and social hurdles. Despite these challenges, he pursued farming and even engaged in activities like fishing, boat riding, chopping firewood, and construction work. He credited his father for teaching him to be independent, especially before his father’s passing last year.

Hermes, who is also a music artist, once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, surpassing an Australian climber named McDonalds. He recounted his childhood, marked by feelings of shame and isolation due to his impairment, but over time, he embraced his uniqueness and integrated with other children.

Although Hermes was married and has a son, his wife and son left him, and he now lives with his aging mother. His wife left him partly due to societal attitudes towards his disability. Despite these personal losses, Hermes remains optimistic and continues to support himself and his mother through his multifaceted skills.

Hermes encourages other impaired individuals not to be discouraged, emphasizing that they are as capable as anyone else. His story is a powerful testament to resilience and adaptability, showcasing how he has turned what many would see as limitations into a life of achievement and self-reliance.

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