Celebrating animal love: The child suddenly decided to walk towards the man driving a garbage truck taking two abandoned dogs home

This news has caused great indignation to many people, but it is important that it comes to light so that those responsible do not go unpunished for such cruelty. A person who has identified herself as Alejandra González, got rid of her pet dogs and took them to gave to the cleaning truck workers in his neighborhood.

Currently these workers are prohibited from accepting to transport animals. The workers have said that they were not aware that it was prohibited and the only thing they thought about was that perhaps they could adopt the dogs. The  Mundo Patitas organization  received a call from a neighbor to inform them about the dogs, since their future was still very uncertain. , despite what the workers said.

Days later, the organization managed to find the alleged owner of the dogs named Hachi and Pancho. She assures that her intention was not to throw them in the trash but that she had given them to the worker.

He added that the man had been insisting that he give them to him for some time; However, this statement does not agree with what the workers said, who at no time opposed the organization rescuing them and repeated more than once that the person had given them to them so they could leave them in the garbage dump.

Fortunately, this organization managed to rescue both dogs, they were cared for properly and a few months later they were put up for adoption. The dogs found a good home, they are humble people who are very committed to respecting animals.

But the organization knows that this is a widespread problem in Mexico and many changes are needed to improve the situation of animals, that is why they write the following on their page:

«Help us make our voice heard. We ask you to please replicate our message: it is urgent to raise awareness among CDMX cleaning staff about prevention, values ​​and respect for the lives of animals. No more live animals inside the garbage collection trucks!’, writing via Twitter to the Head of Government @ManceraMiguelMx and the delegation @gamadero, so that they pay attention and allow us to contribute to the transformation of a more evolved and fair society. Of course, they are not the only ones in Mexico who help dogs that are abandoned in garbage dumps, Yolanda Romero has also been rescuing dogs for 20 years.

These people do a great job for animals. It would be unfair to think that all Mexicans mistreat animals, since there are also many interested in their rights and fight daily to ensure that the abandonment and mistreatment of animals ends in Mexico. Share this note and say NO to abandonment and mistreatment of animals.

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