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The Journey of Deell: Overcoming Adversity in South Kivu

An Unexpected Beginning

Deell’s arrival into the world was marked by shock and concern for her parents, Cecil and her husband, who were already parents to four healthy children. Deell’s condition was apparent immediately after birth, presenting as thick, stretchy muscles on both sides of her neck. Despite a smooth pregnancy and normal labor, Deell faced breathing difficulties and was placed on a breathing machine for ten days.

Coping with Uncertainty

The cause of Deell’s condition remains unknown, leaving her parents without clear answers. Dr. Joseph, Deell’s primary doctor, explains that disabilities can result from various factors, including infections during pregnancy. However, the specific reason for Deell’s condition remains undetermined.

Early Challenges and Resilience

From infancy to age two, Deell was particularly delicate and sensitive to cold. As she grew, she experienced swelling and pain in her chest, left leg, and arm, especially by age five. Despite these physical challenges, Deell has demonstrated remarkable resilience. She participates in household chores and helps her mother, showcasing her determination and capability.

Navigating School and Social Life

Deell’s journey in education has been challenging. Initially, unkind treatment from peers led her to stop attending school. However, with her parents’ encouragement and collaboration with school authorities, she returned to school. Teacher Ampire, the assistant director at EPE Mmilo School, highlights Deell’s academic excellence, noting that she often ranks among the top five students in her class.

To combat discrimination, the school has implemented strict policies to ensure all children, regardless of their abilities, are treated with respect. Deell now enjoys a supportive school environment and is well-integrated with her classmates.

The Struggle for Medical Treatment

While Deell excels academically, her health remains a significant concern. Medical professionals have recommended surgery to alleviate her condition, but financial constraints have prevented her family from proceeding with the treatment. This ongoing health issue worries her parents and impacts their hopes for Deell’s future.

Community Support and Future Hopes

Deell’s family has faced numerous challenges in raising a child with a disability in a community where such conditions are often misunderstood. Despite societal pressures and financial hardships, Deell’s parents continue to support her unconditionally.

How You Can Help

To support Deell’s treatment and help her lead a normal life, donations can be made through Giving Lifecom. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference. Let us join hands to support Deell and other children like her, ensuring they have the opportunities they deserve.

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Deell’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of community support. Her family’s dedication and her own determination are inspiring. By coming together to support Deell, we can help transform her challenges into opportunities and ensure she has the chance to live a full and healthy life.

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