Breaking Through Barriers: The 50-Year Odyssey of Siamese Twin Sisters, Maternal Successes, and Revealed Love

Ganga and Jamna Mondal from India were born in 1969 or 1970.

The lack of an exact date of birth is explained by the fact that the native parents abandoned the girls when they realized that they would not be able to provide them with proper care.

And the girls themselves did not know their age.

Initially, the sisters were called Ayara and Jayara, but at the age of about 5 they were given new names in honor of the heroes of the famous Indian film “Ganga and Jamna”, released in1961.

It is known that in 1993 the sisters became mothers.

Then they had a girl, who, unfortunately, did not live a day.

Around 2008, Ganga and Jamna got a job at a traveling circus in India, where they received the nickname “Spider Sisters” (because of the way they move with 4 arms and two legs).

The twins quickly became famous, and they began to earn good money.

In 2014, a new employee came to the circus, where the sisters worked, – carnival Gadadhar.

A romance began between the young people from the first days, which soon turned into the most serious relationship.

Now Ganga and Jamna are more than 50 years old.

They are happy in a relationship and love their work.

Doctors say that the sisters can be separated, but they refuse this offer.

Women believe that after separation they will lose their peculiarity and the very zest that attracts many new spectators to their circus.

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