Birth miracle: The image of giving birth at home made many people admire her

onet Nicole is a midwife and a world-renowned professional birth photographer. On Instagram, she has over 150,000 followers, and each of her posts garners thousands of likes.

Monet has attended hundreds of births, capturing breathtaking photos that document the diverse ways women give birth: in maternity hospitals, in water, at home, through natural birth, or via cesarean section. Her images include newborns with vernix caseosa seconds after birth, fathers present and assisting during labor, and the raw emotions of mothers and families in these powerful moments.

Her photographs stand out because they are real and capture each stage of labor exactly as it is. Through her posts, Monet often shares stories of mothers, her own thoughts, and her experiences.

Before and After Childbirth

In one of her latest posts, she shared a water birth sequence. Monet posted two images, one before the baby was born and one after. The photos, taken from above, show the same setting, with the only difference being that in the second image, the mother holds her baby in her arms. Monet captioned the post, “What an incredible difference an hour can make. The best before and after!”

Footage of Childbirth at Home, in the Maternity Hospital, and in Water

Based in Denver, Monet has attended many water births, as evidenced in her Instagram photos. Water birth is particularly popular abroad and involves giving birth in a specially designed pool at home or in special areas, with water at approximately 37 degrees Celsius. This type of birth is supervised by midwives and follows a specific procedure without the administration of drugs, provided the pregnancy is not high-risk and the gynecologist consents.

Many women prefer water birth due to its benefits: ease of movement in water, pain relief from warm water, and a smoother transition for the baby from the womb to the outside world, as the environment in the pool is similar to the amniotic sac.

Capturing the Emotional Journey

Monet believes that childbirth is a profound experience that changes a woman. Her photography reflects this belief, showcasing the powerful emotions and connections formed during and after birth. Some highlights from her gallery include:

  • A mother holding her newborn, crying with joy and emotion.
  • The moment a baby is born through natural birth.
  • Older children meeting their newborn siblings.
  • A mother smiling with her newborn in her arms after a water birth.
  • A family embracing their newest member in bed post-delivery.

Monet Nicole’s work beautifully captures the transformative journey of childbirth, highlighting the strength and beauty of mothers and the profound joy of welcoming new life.

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