Beyond Destiny: A proud story about a boy who discovers his unique talent and overcomes life’s

Ramesh has been suffering from a rare skin disorder for the past 11 years, gradually turning him into a stone statue, making him unable to walk or talk. When the scabs first appeared on his skin, other children looked at him with fear, isolating him and leaving him friendless.


Desperate and unable to find a cure, Ramesh’s parents could only watch as their son slowly ‘turned to stone’. His father, Nanda, shared that Ramesh’s skin started peeling off when he was only 15 days old, gradually thickening, hardening, and turning black. Despite consulting doctors in Baglung, a remote area in Nepal, they received no effective treatment, leaving Ramesh in increasing pain.


On his 5th birthday, Ramesh expressed that he was in pain and unable to walk, soon losing the ability to communicate clearly. Now, he can only signal his needs for food or the toilet, often sitting and crying without his parents knowing how to help. Other children are frightened by his appearance and run away in tears.

Ramesh’s condition worsened when he was six, preventing him from attending school. His parents later discovered he had an extremely rare disease called Ichthyosis but could do nothing to alleviate his suffering. With a modest salary of 7,000 Nepali Rupees per month, Nanda couldn’t afford the expensive treatment costs at private hospitals equipped to help his son.


However, Ramesh received unexpected help from British singer Joss Stone. A video of Ramesh’s struggle was shared on social media, garnering attention from famous Nepali singer Sanjay Shrestha, who organized a charity concert in Kathmandu, raising £1,375 for Ramesh’s treatment. This support was a blessing for Ramesh and his family.

Ramesh is now being treated at Kathmandu Medical College, where doctors hope to improve his quality of life. Dr. Sabina Bhattrai, an assistant professor of dermatology, explained that Ichthyosis patients often have dry, thick, scaly skin, with cracks causing pain. Ramesh was hospitalized in a severe condition, necessitating the painful removal of skin patches. For about two weeks, doctors administered antibiotics to prevent infection, along with medications and moisturizers to remove dead skin. Despite the late admission, doctors found his bones and muscles not weakened, allowing them to attempt helping him stand with physical therapy. Nanda feels guilty for not seeking help sooner.

Similar stories exist in other parts of the world, such as Nguyen Dinh Ky from Thieu Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. Born in 2000, Ky suffers from pustular psoriasis, living with painful, malodorous pus stains. Despite extensive treatment efforts and financial strain on his family, his condition remains unchanged, causing him constant discomfort.


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