An intense test journey: The dog experiences driving a motorbike for the first time

An adorable tan dog has caused a stir on social media after a video was broadcast in which she is seen  driving a motorcycle  with her owner, Sebastián Mejía.The dog was seen driving on the regional avenue of Medellín, Colombia , it did not take long for her owner to receive strong criticism and  be accused of animal abuse .Natacha is always happy behind the wheel.

Just a couple of weeks after the bitter incident in which Sebastián was immersed, he has decided to speak out and tell his side of the story. Natacha is the name of the dog, she is a pitbull breed and apparently she is a lover of adventures .Its owner says that all it takes is for him to turn on the motorcycle for the dog to recognize the sound and quickly start wagging her tail as a direct invitation to adventure.For Sebastián it is much more than a pet.

Seven years have passed since that day he saw her for the first time  and decided he wanted to make her part of his family. Sebastián comments on this:“I fell in love with her and  took her home without the consent  of my family, neither my mother nor my sister, I only arrived with her when she was a puppy.”

What the young man never imagined was that he would meet an unusual dog,  a lover of motorcycles and traveling .Hearing the roar of the engine, the sweet dog gets in, sits down and places her front paws in front of the steering wheel.“I taught her from a puppy,  like when you teach your children to ride a bicycle . When she was 3 years old I saw that she was no longer moving, she was totally stable, and she decided to experiment and I put my foot on the accelerator.” Sebastian added.

For Sebastián, the sweet dog is not just a pet,  he treats her like a daughter and makes sure to give her all the attention she deserves .Before leaving the house, Sebastián protects the most valuable thing he has  by putting a sweater and professional glasses on it , something that undoubtedly makes Natacha look much more original.Together they walk the streets of Colombia.

Wherever she goes,  Natacha steals glances and conquers hearts , many ask her owner for photos, others look at the dog’s fate between amazement and dismay.For animal lovers, it is a negligent act to transport the dog in that vehicle without any type of security.Sebastián is aware that what he does with his dog  for many is a great act of recklessness , but he assures that in seven years that he has been doing this practice with his dog the authorities had never bothered him, until recently when apparently someone was disturbed the video of Natacha driving the motorcycle.Despite the strong criticism that the young man has received,  he assures that he has never mistreated her and considers her as his daughter .After all, we cannot deny that Natacha looks happy behind the wheel, but we cannot forget that as pet owners we are completely responsible for their actions and what we do with them.It is important to highlight that although the owner of the dog that was the protagonist of the controversy on the networks, assures that he looks after her well-being, he exposes her to various dangers by transporting her on a motorcycle in this way.This controversial story continues to give us a lot to talk about. Share and let us know your opinion.

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