An agreement is signed by Pearson Engineering and AMS Global to provide Ukraine with mine clearance

Pearson Engineering has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AMS Global to support the supply of Pearson Engineering’s proven combat engineering capabilities to Ukraine. Both companies will combine their subject matter expertise to supply battlefield mine clearance capabilities to address the urgent operational requirements of the Ukrainian Government and Military Authorities. AMS Global, an international Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) provider, is working extensively in Ukraine, providing specialist military MRO services via an in-country office and collaboration with Ukrainian authorities. The AMS Global team will act as Pearson Engineering’s in-country representatives, supporting end-users, operational readiness, and evolving requirements.

“We are pleased to work alongside AMS Global in Ukraine. We have worked together for many years in different ways and we know that AMS Global will deliver to the highest standards. It is right that we pool our collective expertise for the benefit of Ukraine’s defence and put the right capabilities in the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” said Richard Beatson, Business Development Director at Pearson Engineering.

Pearson Engineering and AMS Global Sign MOU to Deliver Mine Clearance Capability to Ukraine

AMS, partnering with Pearson Engineering, will deliver critical equipment and resilient, agile, and coordinated support services to the front line in Ukraine. This collaboration aims to provide essential demining equipment and technical support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“AMS Global is proud to partner with Pearson Engineering in supporting Ukraine’s defence efforts. Our collaboration represents a strategic alignment of expertise and resources to provide critical demining equipment and technical support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. As a leading international MRO provider, AMS Global is committed to delivering high-quality, targeted services and solutions that enhance operational readiness and address the urgent operational requirements of our clients. We look forward to working closely with Pearson Engineering and the Ukrainian authorities to contribute positively to the country’s defence capabilities,” said Jay Guthrie MBE, Commercial Director at AMS Global.

Pearson Engineering has already provided a number of route opening mine ploughs to Ukraine via the German Government and recently announced a contract award from the UK MOD to provide equipment to defeat explosive devices. Pearson Engineering equipment has also been donated by other governments around the world. The MOU was signed in Abu Dhabi by Group Chief Executive Officer at Pearson Engineering, Ian Bell, and Chief Executive Officer at AMS Global, Gary Riordan.

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