Amazing Story: Three Sisters Conceived on the Same Day by the Same Guy.ngocthuy

Every day, individuals are leaving their mark on history, setting and breaking records, for better or for worse. While it’s commendable to strive for achievements that uplift society, there’s been a concerning rise in negative records.

A Kenya man, in 2019, made an iconic history – but not for what the society will celebrate, not for what can compete for the Guinness Book of Records.

According to ThatCelebrity.Com, the Kenyan added to the collection of history makers by impregnating three biological sisters; starting with the Firstborn, Second, and Third born.

While admitting the act, he said “I did all of them in the same year of 2019, between January and March”.

Reports have it that the first and last born gave birth to female children while the second born gave him a male child.

What is more surprising is that the three ladies including their parents are happy with what the man did.

Perhaps, if this were a movie, it would have probably made a riveting production and may have possibly sent some didactic lessons across the society but unfortunately, it is reality.

While the action itself is despicable, that the ladies involved and their families even washed his feet with clean water and wholeheartedly welcome the development is perhaps a conundrum that defies intellectual reasoning.

What do you make of this bizarre development? Let’s hear from you in the comment session.

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