Abandoned dog: With a swollen stomach like a toad, unable to get up and only able to cry in pain.mina

A small puppy was abandoned in front of an animal shelter with a very swollen belly, resembling a toad. The staff quickly evaluated the puppy and diagnosed him with ascites, a condition that causes the stomach to swell due to the accumulation of fluid. The underlying cause was not immediately known, so blood tests were necessary to determine it.

The situation is critical, since the accumulation of fluid in the puppy’s abdomen could cause serious complications. The team was worried that the puppy would survive. Despite the uncertainty, the staff provided 24-hour care and attention to the puppy, who little by little began to improve over time. His belly’s swelling began to reduce and he became more active and playful.


The pup’s happy and affectionate spirit waned, despite the challenges he faced. She liked to hug the staff members and play with her boys. As the days turned into weeks, the puppy’s health continued to improve and the team worked closely with Pierre to monitor his progress and provide him with the care needed to ensure his complete recovery.

It is heartbreaking to see a puppy in such covetous condition, but the dedication and hard work of the animal shelter team saved the puppy’s life. This little one’s resilient spirit is our inspiration and we are grateful for the tireless efforts that helped him recover his health. It is a reminder that every life is precious and deserves to be cared for with compassion and kindness.

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