A young mother received a lot of criticism for “tattooing” her 1-year-old son’s entire body. However, the truth is not what many people think.pink

Shamekia Morris (29 years old) is a fashion designer in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Life - Mother received 'criticism' for 'covering up' her 1-year-old sonMs. Shamekia Morris and her son Trylin.

She was criticized by many people for her hobby of “tattooing” her 1-year-old son’s entire body. When looking at the pictures of little Trylin shared by Morris on TikTok and Instagram, many people thought the boy was a regular customer of tattoo shops in West Palm Beach. Because from the boy’s neck to his feet, there are tattoos of all shapes and sizes, making Trylin look like a rap star or mistakenly thought to be the child of famous stars. However, in reality, all these tattoos are just stickers.

Life - Mother received 'criticism' for 'covering up' her 1-year-old son (Figure 2).
Life - Mother received 'criticism' for 'covering up' her 1-year-old son (Figure 3).

Morris said she started putting tattoos on her son when he was just 6 months old. Since then, the young mother has had the habit of “tattooing” her child’s entire body to take photos and post them on social networks, where she has thousands of followers.

Life - Mother received 'criticism' for 'covering up' her 1-year-old son (Figure 4).

Although the boy’s funny and unique photos attract a large amount of interaction, not everyone agrees with Morris’ approach. Many people criticized Morris as an irresponsible or bad mother.

“I received a lot of backlash. People say I’m raising my son like a ‘gangster’, a ‘thug’,” Morris revealed in a recent interview.

Life - Mother received 'criticism' for 'covering up' her 1-year-old son (Figure 5).

The online backlash even started before baby Treylin was born, when Morris did a maternity photo shoot in a tattoo shop. And when she started wearing fake shirts for Trey, her followers were outraged. “Their backlash was horrible. I feel hurt because I know I’m not a bad mother but I’m constantly criticized by them,” she added.

Despite receiving a “rain of bricks and stones”, Shamekia Morris, who is also completely tattooed, affirmed that she would not give up the lifestyle that both she and her son enjoy.

“For those who judge me, I don’t care because this is a lifestyle that we enjoy. If you’re judging someone based on a 30-second video on social media, that’s your business, but what you say or think about someone won’t determine what they’ll be like in the future,” she said. said.

Morris added that at first her family also objected to putting a tattoo on Treylin’s body. But after realizing that Ms. Morris’s passion brings positivity and attracts a large number of followers on social networks, they changed their attitude.

“When Morris brought up the idea, I dismissed it and I was completely against it. I don’t want her to do that to her nephew. But when I realized that the tattoos brought joy to Morris and Treylin, I no longer objected,” shared Ms. Dinera, Morris’s sister.

Ms. Morris revealed that Treylin’s son also showed great interest in the tattoos on his body and liked to wear beautiful outfits to take photos or videos. The boy also has a whole wardrobe of clothes and sneakers to show off. A 1-year-old boy also likes to get attention from others every time he appears on the street.

Life - Mother received 'criticism' for 'covering up' her 1-year-old son (Figure 6).

“I think Treylin really likes to dress like that. When he saw himself dressed in the mirror, my son jumped up and down with excitement,” Morris shared with the media.

Despite the negative comments, Morris is confident that she is a good mother to Treylin and she has no plans to stop with temporary tattoos anytime soon. “My perspective on being a great mom is being your child’s cheerleader, your child’s go-to guy, your child’s best friend,” she concluded.

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