A unique birth! Viewers were shocked and taken aback by the iconic photo of an American woman unexpectedly giving birth to a daughter aboard a Turkish Airlines aircraft.pink

The astonishing event that unfolded on a Turkish Airlines flight is truly remarkable: Nafi Diaby, a woman aboard a Boeing 747 bound for Burkina Faso, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at an altitude of 42,000 feet. Departing from Conakry, Guinea, Nafi Diaby began experiencing labor pains during the flight, creating a dramatic situation that ultimately had a joyful outcome thanks to the swift assistance of the airline’s hostesses.

The baby, named Kadiju, and her mother were promptly transferred to a hospital upon reaching their destination, and both are reported to be in good health.

The cabin crew and passengers began helping the woman, who had been pregnant for 28 weeks. Following a successful delivery, airline workers posed for pictures with the newborn, including the captain, all beaming with smiles.

The baby is doing well and was immediately wrapped in a blanket and pampered by the air force personnel who provided her with the first necessary medical assistance. As soon as they landed, the mother and daughter were immediately taken to the nearest hospital in Ouagadougou, where they were examined by medical personnel. Both are fine and enjoying excellent health.

In short, an event with a happy ending, a story that will be interesting to tell in the future, and one that ended well thanks to the promptness of the Turkish Airlines hostesses.

The airline thanked its workers at the end of the day with a photo on Twitter depicting the smiling stewardesses with little Kadiju in their arms: “Welcome aboard, princess! Applause goes to our cabin attendants!”

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