A sake who is trying to become an eagle meets a sad fate.pink

The Perils of Attacking a Bird of Prey

Usually, when it comes to birds, people are often deceived by their appearance among wild animals. However, this is not true for birds of prey like eagles, which possess top-notch hunting skills and are extremely ruthless.

Eagles, driven by hunger, hunt with remarkable precision in the wild. When an eagle glides over its hunting ground, scarcely flapping its wings, it carefully watches for prey. Even the swift kestrel can’t escape once a golden eagle has it in its sights. Snake eagles, in particular, are equipped to defend themselves against bites with thick skins on their feet.

The Brown Snake Eagle

The brown snake eagle is somewhat larger and more powerful than other snake eagles, allowing it to hunt relatively larger prey. Once prey is gripped by the eagle’s claws, even the formidable king cobra finds it nearly impossible to escape becoming the eagle’s meal. This eagle’s prowess is exceptional, particularly against venomous snakes that pose significant threats to humans.

Encounter with the Puff Adder

The African fat snake, known as the puff adder, is particularly feared in the wild. This snake is renowned for its terrifyingly fast attack speed and potent venom, which surpasses even that of the king cobra and the black mamba. The puff adder is the most common and widely distributed venomous snake in Africa, inhabiting savannas and grasslands from Morocco to Arabia and throughout Africa.

The Fatal Encounter

On this occasion, the puff adder encountered an opponent it couldn’t overcome. The eagle, showcasing its cleverness, treaded so forcefully on the snake that it broke its spine, rendering the snake immobile and writhing in pain. The legs and talons of snake-eating eagles are covered with thick scales, protecting them from bites. This crucial adaptation allows them to hunt venomous snakes without sustaining injuries.

The puff adder’s fatal mistake lay in underestimating the eagle’s capabilities. The eagle’s strategic approach and physical adaptations ensure that even the most venomous snakes, like the puff adder, meet their end. This encounter highlights the eagle’s superior hunting skills and the natural balance of power within the animal kingdom.


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