A police officer’s touching rescue of an injured dog from the risk of being poisoned

Animals are extraordinary beings, they shine with their own light. That is why we become attached to them, we need their company to fly high, to the sky of happiness. They don’t judge us, they don’t lie, and we can always count on their witticisms and their faithful presence. And the truth is, these are all human qualities that we want to have.

This is the story of a small pit bull, who was found injured in the head, in a remote area of ​​New Jersey, in the United States. His name is Thor. And it is truly difficult to resist helping a lost, devastated puppy, even more so if he is injured.

It was a worthy police officer who found him. He went to look for him after receiving a warning call. That day, after rescuing him, officers from the Mount Laurel Police Department published the rescue of the puppy on their social networks.

In the images you can see the gray dog, just three months old, with a head wound. He was taken to a shelter and one of the police officers adopted him.

“When you see a puppy of that breed with an injury it is difficult to let it go,” commented Thor’s new manager.

The discovery of the little animal occurred on January 2, 2021. The little boy was found near East Gate Square, and was then rushed to the animal shelter in Burlington County, where the cut on his skull was treated. “If you are or know the owner, please contact the Burlington County Animal Shelter,” they wrote, but no one called.

That was the first sign that the little dog was a special being, especially for the officer who took charge of him, named Matthew O’Hanlon, 26 years old, who assured that the furry dog ​​did not have a microchip, therefore so it was not possible to find his human.

“When we find a dog, they usually have tags or a chip. We can take them to the local animal hospital and find the owner pretty quickly. However, since this did not happen, I did not think twice and took him home with me and baptized him Thor,” said the agent.

And so the days passed, while netizens wondered about the fate of the puppy. Fortunately, Officer O’Hanlon was there to give him the affection and affection that he so richly deserved. Currently, sweet Thor is recovering from his injuries satisfactorily and has found his forever home, as reported by the police department.

Helping a puppy like that is really rewarding, especially considering everything he had to go through. He is now a little animal very loved by his people, who will pamper and spoil him for the rest of his life. And since he adopted him, the officer has not left his dog. He does everything with him, even accompanies him to work.

Share this story with your loved ones to show everything that can happen when someone decides not to walk past a vulnerable animal, they are the ones who rescue us.

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