A nine-month-old infant resembles the superhero.pink

The story of baby Armani Milby from Kentucky is one of resilience and hope. Born with a rare but benign condition called lymphangioma, Armani’s appearance has drawn comparisons to the muscular superhero Hulk. Despite the numerous challenges he and his family have faced, Armani’s journey is a testament to the power of parental love and medical advancements.

Baby Armani is affectionately nicknamed Hulk by his mother because of a rare disease that causes his chest and arms to become muscular. Photo: Caters

Key Details

  1. Diagnosis and Birth:
    • Condition: Armani was diagnosed with lymphangioma, a rare congenital condition, during an ultrasound at 17 weeks.
    • Birth: Born by emergency caesarean section at 33 weeks, Armani weighed 5.4 kg, much heavier than average for his gestational age. His mother, Chelsey, gained over 90 kg during pregnancy, leading to assumptions she was carrying triplets.
  2. Challenges:
    • Medical Concerns: The condition caused significant swelling, giving Armani a muscular appearance. Doctors were initially concerned about fluid surrounding his heart.
    • Prognosis: The prognosis was grim, with doctors predicting a 0% chance of survival and expressing doubts that Armani would cry at birth. However, Chelsey and her husband decided to continue with the pregnancy, refusing to consider abortion.
  3. Immediate Care and Treatment:
    • Post-Birth: After his birth, Armani was transferred to a specialized hospital in Cincinnati, where he spent three months receiving critical care.
    • Current Treatment: Armani undergoes continuous treatment to drain excess fluid. Despite this, he still has a large amount of excess skin and weighs 9.5 kg, fitting into clothes for children aged 1.5-2 years.
  4. Future Prospects:
    • Surgery: Armani is expected to undergo surgery later this year to drain more lymph vessels and help reduce the size of his body. Future surgeries will focus on removing excess skin.
  5. Parental Support and Hope:
    • Emotional Impact: Chelsey described her initial heartbreak upon hearing the diagnosis but remained steadfast in her love and commitment to her child. She continues to hope for Armani’s full recovery despite the challenges.
    • Community and Medical Support: The family has received support from medical experts and their community, helping them navigate the complex treatment process.

Emotional and Social Aspects

Chelsey tried her best to care for her child and held out hope that one day she would fully recover. Photo: Caters

The story underscores the emotional turmoil parents face when confronted with severe medical diagnoses for their unborn children. Chelsey’s experience highlights the deep love and unwavering support parents provide, even in the face of dire predictions. It also reflects the importance of specialized medical care and the potential for successful outcomes despite initial pessimism.


Armani Milby’s journey is one of courage and determination. His story sheds light on the rare condition of lymphangioma and the profound impact it can have on families. With continued medical care and the support of his loving family, Armani’s future looks promising, offering hope to others facing similar challenges.

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