A Newbory girl overcomes difficulties by using Orga’s organs inside her body.pink

Kelly and Sean Phizacklea, a couple from Cambridge, England, faced an extraordinary challenge when they learned that their daughter, Laurel, had abnormal internal organs during a 12-week ultrasound. Laurel was diagnosed with a rare condition where her stomach, liver, and intestines were protruding outside her body. Despite medical advice to consider terminating the pregnancy, Kelly decided to carry on with the pregnancy out of love for her unborn child.

Throughout her pregnancy, Kelly underwent frequent check-ups and ultrasounds every two weeks to monitor the development of the fetus. Now, at over two years old, Laurel continues to live with her internal organs outside her body. This unusual condition necessitates careful handling to avoid damage to the protruding organs.

Typically, newborns with this condition require surgery soon after birth to reposition the organs inside the body. However, in Laurel’s case, the size of the external organs made immediate surgical intervention impractical. Additionally, Laurel has a spinal deformity, adding to the complexity of her condition.

Over time, Laurel’s protruding organs have been wrapped in bandages, and skin has grown around them, enabling her to eat, drink, and perform other bodily functions like any other child. Her parents, Kelly and Sean, remain vigilant caregivers, constantly monitoring her to prevent injuries that could complicate her condition.

Despite the challenges, Laurel is an active and cheerful child, bringing joy to her family. Kelly reflects on their journey with a mix of astonishment and pride. “I personally don’t understand how we could be optimistic throughout the pregnancy. It really looked as if the baby had little chance of surviving after birth, but my family never gave up hope. We are very proud of our baby. Laurel is always optimistic and cheerful, surprising us every day.”

Laurel is scheduled to undergo surgery at King’s College Hospital in London in 2021 to address her condition. The timing of the surgery is crucial; performing it too early could strain her small diaphragm due to a lack of space within her body. The family’s story is a testament to their resilience and unwavering hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

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