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Jennifer Hiles has faced an extraordinary and challenging life due to her arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a rare condition involving a tangled web of arteries and veins in her head and face that poses a constant risk of hemorrhage. Despite these challenges, she aspires to lead a normal life, focusing on spending quality time with her children without the fear of looks or taunts from others.

Jennifer’s condition has necessitated numerous medical interventions. Currently, she has tissue expanders placed under the skin of her face—similar to saline-filled balloons used in breast implants—which will stretch the skin over two months. This extra skin will be used for grafts after her AVM removal surgery. The surgery will involve removing the damaged tissues and reconstructing her nose and parts of her face using skin from the expanders.

Jennifer expresses a desire for normalcy rather than perfection. She acknowledges the emotional and psychological toll her condition has taken on her, particularly with the unwanted attention she receives. This attention becomes even more challenging when picking up her children from school, where curious or insensitive comments from other children can be particularly hurtful. She recounts feeling the need to rush into the school to avoid breaking down in front of her daughter after such incidents.

Her medical history includes frequent and severe bleeding episodes from a young age, necessitating multiple blood transfusions and surgeries to cauterize blood vessels, which often proved ineffective. Jennifer’s condition causes constant headaches and gum and throat bleeding, severely impacting her quality of life. The stress of these health issues has led to times where she felt utterly overwhelmed.

Despite the physical and emotional burdens, Jennifer remains resilient. She prepares her children for the changes her surgery will bring and hopes that the procedures will stop the bleeding and improve her appearance. Her ultimate wish is to live a happier and healthier life, free from the fear of hemorrhaging and the judgmental stares of strangers. She longs for the simple joy of engaging in everyday activities with her children without concern for her condition.

Jennifer’s story is a testament to her strength and determination to overcome the hurdles posed by her AVM. Her hope is that the surgery will not only improve her health but also allow her to live a more fulfilling life, free from the constant worry and social stigma associated with her appearance.

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