A massive reptile gained command of a supermarket! Take a look at the video.pink

The sight of a giant lizard roaming around a supermarket is definitely not something you see every day! It’s understandable why customers would be startled and start screaming upon encountering such an unexpected guest in the aisles.

The monitor lizard, native to Africa and Asia, is known for its large size and powerful presence. Weighing around 80-90 kg and measuring approximately 2.6 meters in length, it’s no wonder that its appearance would cause quite a commotion among shoppers.

While the incident may seem like something out of a Hollywood movie, it serves as a reminder of the diverse wildlife that can sometimes encroach on human habitats, especially in regions where such animals are commonly found.

Thankfully, it seems like no one was harmed during the encounter, and hopefully, the lizard was safely returned to its natural habitat after its supermarket adventure.

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A huge lizard took control of a supermarket! Watch the video.-pink

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