A loving hug in the midst of suffering: The heartbreaking image of a hungry mother carrying her child on the street begging for help makes the hearts of witnesses tremble

The drama of stray animals touches all animal lovers very deeply. It especially moves us to think that these innocent, light-filled, tender, and faithful creatures; When they should be enjoying themselves within a family, they end up being victims not only of hunger and helplessness, but also of serious dangers that threaten their lives.

But fortunately, just when they need it most, heroes appear as if sent directly from Heaven to fix everything. When a couple of tourists, Martí and Tsetso, were returning home after their vacation in Bulgaria, they found something that marked them forever. had noticed, or perhaps they did not want to notice, the presence of a starving mother with her baby, who were fighting for her life in the middle of the road. A scene so heartbreaking that it could not leave them indifferent

The kind-hearted strangers saw the dogs on the road so malnourished, sick, and with their pleading eyes, that they stopped to help them. They needed urgent medical help.

Without hesitation, they put the mother and the puppy in the back of their car, without imagining the scene that would immediately play out, deeply touching their hearts. Mother and daughter held on with all their strength throughout the trip to comfort each other.

The mother in the bones looked clearly hungry and very sick.

Both appeared to have some type of infection and were very underweight.

The couple immediately took them to the facilities of the  Animal Friends Foundation animal shelter in Bourgas, where they were quickly cared for by volunteers and veterinarians who received them with a lot of love and compassion. And who couldn’t be moved by a pair like that? ?

The mother was named Siberia and although she was a husky she didn’t even look like a dog

They named their puppy Alaska

The dogs were diagnosed with  ehrlichiosis and sarcoptosis  (a form of mange)


But with the right food and medication, and a lot of patience and love, Siberia began to look like a real husky again. It seemed like he was a totally different dog. Isn’t that exciting?

After being vaccinated, microchipped, and sterilized, the veterinarians witnessed a wonderful transformation they had never experienced before. Speechless!

Alaska also made an incredible recovery

And Alaska also made a change that moved people to tears, and she showed her happiness with a howl of joy.

Their lives are far from what they had when they were found, and thanks to their rescuers, both dogs have found loving forever homes.


It is so wonderful that this mother and her baby have had a second chance after so much loneliness and suffering. And it’s all because two people decided not to pass by and felt compassion for their dramatic situation. Share this story to inspire others to help every stray who crosses their path. They did not choose the street, they were abandoned by their owners and they deserve a helping hand to rescue them from the abyss.

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