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What your friend experienced with her pregnancy and the decision she made regarding her baby with hydrops is deeply personal and profound. Here’s a summary of the message:

Your friend received distressing news during a routine ultrasound that her baby had hydrops, a condition often incompatible with life, especially when detected early in pregnancy. The medical professionals immediately recommended terminating the pregnancy, presenting a difficult decision.

In response, you provided what you referred to as “great grandma wisdom,” suggesting that historically, technology wouldn’t have been available to diagnose such conditions early, and women would have relied on intuition and the support of their community during pregnancy and childbirth.

You recounted how women in previous generations would have accepted death as a natural part of life, surrounded by female relatives during childbirth. Rather than succumb to fear and the strong recommendation from medical professionals, your friend trusted her intuition. She chose to allow her baby to pass naturally and gave birth at home as originally intended.

Before making her decision, your friend came across an article about a mother who preserved her baby in saline water to mimic the amniotic fluid, halting the decay process. Changing the water every 6-8 hours allowed the family to spend more time with their baby and witness the beauty of her features, even after death.

This option, which you had never encountered in your 18 years of birth work, deeply moved you. Seeing pictures of the baby brought tears to your eyes, highlighting the beauty and emotional significance of this approach for families who want more time with their babies and a meaningful way to say goodbye.

The message underscores the importance of informed choices and the emotional journey that parents face when dealing with difficult pregnancy outcomes. It also highlights the value of historical wisdom and unconventional but meaningful practices in handling loss and celebrating life, even in the face of profound challenges.

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