A delightful video of a playful elephant enjoying a day at the beach!.pink

regret that the only elephants I’ve ever seen in person have been in captivity: either at the zoo or the circus. I’d love to be able to see one in its natural habitat someday.


They’re truly incredible creatures. In fact, they’re one of the smartest species on the planet. Elephants are capable of basic arithmetic, have been known to enjoy painting and music, and they’re good at problem-solving skills too. A captive elephant named Bandula at Marine World Africa figured out how to unlock her shackles, and she’d frequently try to break her own chains open so she could free her friends as well.

Elephants also love to play. Scientists have observed that some elephants enjoy making each other “laugh” and are known to prank each other. A popular elephant prank is to hold water in their trunk until a friend passes by. The elephant will then spray his friend for the amusement of others.


That’s why I’d love to witness some elephants in their natural habitat, and Scottish photographer John Lindie was fortunate enough to have that opportunity during a visit to Phuket, Thailand. This is where he encountered a precious baby elephant playing in the water.

I wish he could have captured even more photos because these are hilarious and adorable, but maybe I’ll just have to visit Thailand myself so I can see elephants like this one in person.

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John found this precious pachyderm frolicking along the beach as an ominous storm gathered in the background.

Elephants are an endangered species, and there are approximately only 2,000–3,000 wild elephants remaining in Thailand. This is a drastic 50-percent decrease since 1850.

Many elephants in Thailand are domesticated and used in the tourism industry. Critics say that the animals might be abused in these situations, but other experts say that the elephants are well provided for, safe from poachers, and encouraged to breed.

The Black Ivory Coffee company uses these Thai elephants to digest coffee beans. The elephants’ digestive system breaks down proteins that make the coffee bitter. The coffee company then uses these digested beans to make their roasts.

In the wild, the average elephant’s lifespan reaches 56 years, but in captivity, it’s limited to 46 years. We hope that this charming elephant enjoys many more days at the beach and lives a long and prosperous life.


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