A 13-year-old boy in Bac Lieu province is facing bone cancer that deforms his face.pink

Nguyen Thuy Linh, 26, from Chau Phu Village in Vinh My A, Hoa Binh District, has been the sole caregiver for her only son, Tran Chi Khang, for over ten years. Khang appeared healthy at birth, but at six, a tumor emerged on his face. Despite numerous surgeries and hospital visits, Khang was eventually diagnosed with bone cancer.

Linh has sold everything of value, including their house, to fund Khang’s treatment, but it has proven ineffective. Her husband abandoned them, leaving Linh in a difficult situation. Over the past two months, Khang’s tumor has grown, but Linh can no longer afford hospital visits and administers his medication at home.

“She has to travel to Bac Lieu City, dozens of kilometers away, to buy medicine. The daily cost of medication reaches into the hundreds of thousands of VND,” Linh explained. Khang’s worsening health forced Linh to quit her job as a maid, and they now rely on the support of neighbors.

Additionally, Khang’s 73-year-old grandmother is bedridden from a stroke and requires daily medication, further straining the family’s finances. Tran Nghiep Doan, Vice Chairman of Vinh My A Commune People’s Committee, stated that the local government can provide only modest financial aid and has called for donations to assist the family.

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